Week 2: The “J” Stands for “JCould Be Better”

I like games. Do you like games? Good. Let's start this off with some fun, then. This game is called, "Guess the players!". It's called that because you have to guess who the players are from the presented stats, and also! because I lack ~cReAtIvItY~. Wow, whoever those two guys are, they certainly aren't tearing … Continue reading Week 2: The “J” Stands for “JCould Be Better”


Week 1: #BeBold or #BeBad?

Well, that escalated quickly. Gabe Kapler was never going to have it easy - there's too much distaste for the "analytics" he's demonstrated an affinity for - but it feels like he's leaning into the whole "trying too hard to be smart" thing. And boy, did it backfire. It all started with Opening Day. Aaron … Continue reading Week 1: #BeBold or #BeBad?

Week 25 Recap: The Phillies Are Already Better.

Entering the season, there were several reasons to believe that the Phillies could play competent baseball. Not competitive, not contemptuous, but competent. Tommy Joseph's 2016 debut had been encouraging. Maikel Franco was coming off a down year, but the underlying numbers and his 2015 performance pointed to a potential rebound. Between that and the promising … Continue reading Week 25 Recap: The Phillies Are Already Better.